Duplicate Transaction (cant add receipt quickly)

When I purchase supplies for a rental property I leave the store with a receipt and I use the app to take a picture and upload straight to stessa while documenting the property and expense category. All of which works pretty good( most of the time)

The problem is that I also have my business bank account linked-- and when the transaction finally posts 10 days later, Stessa picks it up and flaggs it as a new transaction WITHOUT the receipt. It shows 2 expenses for the same amout but with different dates.

This makes the keeping track of transactions much harder to manage and nulls out the advantage of linking the bank account in the first place.

Im asking for a hack or work around that will recognize the manual transaction with the bank account linked one. Then merge the two transactions keepin the receipt image.


You can do this now. Click the first transaction. Click the second transaction. THIS brings up a new menu item in the top right to merge the two together (there are other options).


Shouldn’t this be automated? I realize that “I CAN” sort through my transactions and merge duplicates but It should be automated…I have a lot of transactions and I can’t merge and keep track of them after 10 days on multiple properties and amounts.


i agree with Khalilgio. There’s no point of going through each transaction and merge them manually.