eSignature for the new lease extension FAILED

I need eSignature lease extensions.

I sent the eSignature lease extension. I signed. But received an email from the tenant and told me that I used wrong date on what we discussed before. So I tired to update the date back to the right one. But I couldn’t cancel the previous one. I asked on the Help support on how to and what to do. Support answered around 3 days after my question that I just need to restart a new one.
Sure, I did.
But the document just shows empty pages. So I asked again on the Help support chat. One day later, told me that Engineering is still working on the DocuSign issue… After help support answer, two days passed… and still Draft…

Also told a supporter that, another lease extension is signed by email, but the document still appears as ‘Awaiting signature’.

I also added one more property, so added one more checking account, but from mobile Stessa web, I couldn’t add my new checking account to transfer. Tried a couple of days and it kept failing. I received an email told me that it is correctly added. but I just cannot transfer.

I happened to be on the desktop, so I tried then it worked.

I feel like all the functions are not that easy with Stessa. Still some doesn’t work. Still waiting Help support. I already paid the yearly fee.

Maybe I just research better tool/website for properties manager. :(:(:frowning:

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I find that it only works with google chrome on a desktop. Using an ipad or anything else is out of the question.

It would be nice if it somehow work like the docusgin website or application.