Finding it difficult to get Cash Management application with foreign national approved


I’m trying to set up a Cash Management account with my wife as a joint holder.

I can’t get through the address verification and ID verification piece.

  • We recently moved and the only allowed doc where my wife is listed on the address is a bank statement for a joint account that we have. However, they’re not approving it, maybe because the joint holder is listed separately from the address? Not sure. She is also listed on the Bill of Sale for the property, but it’s not in the list of allowed docs. I also have a home warranty policy where she is listed on the address, but again, not an allowed type.

  • For ID, they’re asking for her passport. But her current passport still has her maiden name. She is unable to change it on account of her country being under martial law and not allowing certain passport functions. I tried uploading her green card instead which has her married name, but that was also denied.

Any advice? I don’t see a straightforward place where I can reach out for support other than here.