Physical debit card

I just requested physical debit cards for my cash management accounts, then I wondered where they will be sent! Profile settings does not contain a field for my physical address, so will the cards be sent to the physical address of the rental properties? That will not work for me at all, if so, as I am not near those locations.
Can anyone confirm or correct anything I mentioned? Anyone know of a way to inform the issuing bank of the correct address?

@katescoveretreat Iā€™m relatively confident that when you opened the cash mgmt account you had to enter a mailing address. But little surprises me anymore.


Ha Ha! Hi Tom, to be honest, I chatted with a Stessa person about this, he said the same thing. However, I received the cards the next day to my PO Box; I was sure I did not give my physical street address because I cannot receive mail at that location, and apparently there is no problem with using a PO Box, as many businesses and individuals do. Never a dull moment!

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