Have a Vender List for Reference

I have properties in multiple cities. Each property has specific venders I like to work with. It would be very beneficial to have your preferred venders list for the properties. This would allow easy linking to invoices/ payments, but quick reference to a vender profile when you need them. Being able to tag a vender for the property would then make it easy reference on which vender is used in that area. This was available on a prior program I used, and I loved it. However, Stessa has so many other features I like more that I transitioned over. This is one of the few features I find I miss the most.


I agree - there a handful of other posts similar to this. I like to go around and β€œlike” all the posts so Stessa can best prioritize their upgrades/features.

I searched β€œ1099” in the search and found this: