Hours tab to track RE Professional status

Would like to see a tab added for a place to record hours worked on each property. It is a requirement for the IRS to keep track of hours seems logical to record it here with everything else.


@mapking1 Interesting idea! How often would you record your hours? Weekly or monthly? Do you have a process for tracking these now?

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I am thinking weekly. With at least four properties I would log hours every visit once a month so at least once a week. Right now I have to manually log them.

Having someplace to record hours would be useful for me too. I keep track of hours in Toggl, which works great, but it would be great to be able to upload the data into Stessa to have it all in one place. I record time every day as I work on RE tasks – I start the timer in Toggl with a property and a task, then tap the button to stop when I’m done. It has reports available in the app, and by weekly email. At the end of the year I just download it all into a CSV file and read in Google Sheets.

I would also love to have this. I actually made the request and I was directed to this thread. I spent a lot of time doing various tasks at various properties and it would be amazing to know how many hours a week I actually spend, what I’m doing there, and then report it later. It’s very difficult as I don’t exactly invoice myself (though maybe I should). Really the question is, how much of a job did I buy vs. how much of an investment did I buy. And was it worth it to do myself or should I have gone to work overtime at my W-2 job and paid a contractor. Stessa is really a fantastic upgrade from Intuit Self Employed for a lot of reasons but there has to be faster upgrades and support. I used to pay $9.99/mo for a service that is 1/3 as useful. If 9.99 meant upgrade and improvements requests at a faster rate, then please, take my CC#.