How to add "Account" to manual transaction entry

Is it possible to add the “account” to a manual entry? It doesn’t appear so and i see a few questions on this with no response. I have linked my account to a property manager so that everything downloads with the account name but they had switched software mid year so i am manually adding transactions prior to the software switch and now none of those transactions are associated with the “account”. So i ask is it possible to manually add the account to transactions?


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@goodaleinvestments This is not currently possible with transactions that are added manually on a one-off basis. The only way to associate a transaction with an account (assuming it was not imported automatically from a linked source) is via a data file upload. With this option, you must select the account just before uploading.

If you’re interested in seeing new features added around this topic, please vote for: Add account information to transactions without linking accounts

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