Trouble adding a financial account without automatic connection

I am a new user and ran into the 3 issues below in setting up my financial accounts and import data into them.
Problem #1 I have a Citi credit card that I use for personal as well as for rental property expenses. Thus, I do not want to automatically upload all the transactions from that account.
Is there a way to set up the account without linking the login credentials? Here are the steps I used but was not able to create the account
a. “+ Financial Account” from the Data Sources Page.
b. I entered “Cash Back Credit Card” and click “Skip for Now”. I am sent back to the Dashboard.
c. When I go back to the Data Sources page, I do not see my account.

Problem #2 – I manually entered a transaction but it is not linked to an account. There was not “Account” field in the Edit Transaction Screen for me to select the account the transaction is associated with.

Problem #3- I uploaded a CSV file but did not specify an account since I was not able to set up an account without linking it a financial institution. The uploaded transactions is now linked to “Imported File” Account. Is there a way to edit the account name on all these transactions to an account called “private credit Card”?

I believe what you’re seeing is expected. From prior posts, I don’t think you can link an account and tell it to only import certain charges; you can do the reverse (import everything, and then manually remove your personal charges). This would also allow those charges to be linked to a specific Account entry, if you wanted that.

I don’t think you can put in a custom “Account” entry, but @devin or someone with Stessa would have to clarify. Frankly, I don’t really use that account entry much. I have a mix of manual and automatic entries in my list, depending on whether the source can be linked or not.

Ok. I have linked my credit card account and have it automatically sync all the transactions.
There are still 2 issues:

  1. There are 2 credit cards linked to one login username at Citibank. Only 1 account is automatically syncing to Stessa. How do I get the second one to come through?

  2. If I enter a manual transaction, I am still not able to link it to a specific account that is setup in Stessa.

I can’t comment on #1, but #2 seems expected to me (I’m not aware of a way to manually set the Account). Anything I input manually simply has a blank Account entry.

@Pete, I really appreciate your help. Unfortunately, this app is lacking enough features to meet my needs. Hopefully, they will keep adding functions to make this app better. I will check back next year.

@teresawang06 Just to clarify here, for a transaction to be attached to an account, it must happen at the moment the transaction is imported. Stessa does not support re-assigning transactions to accounts after the fact. Transactions are attached to accounts in one of two ways:

  1. If you’ve connected an external data source, all transactions automatically imported through the connection will be attached.
  2. If you upload transactions via CSV file, you can select an account at the moment of upload. If you do not select an account during the upload process, the transactions will be permanently assigned to a catch-all account called, “Imported File.”

Note that if you are not able to connect a relevant external account for some reason, there is a work around to get a “dummy” account placeholder set up for it. That will then allow you to upload CSV data and attach it to the dummy account for filtering or other organizational purposes.

Here’s how… Visit your Data Sources page. Click “+ Property Manager” and enter a URL for your dummy account, like “citibank(dot)com” or similar. Then “x” for Login and “x” for Password. You’ll now see the account on your Data Sources list and will be able to select it when uploading a CSV.



Thanks for showing me the work-around. I understand now how to add an account without automatically downloading the transactions now. However, I still have the following issues/questions:

  1. I have uploaded some transactions via CSV import and I chose a specific account to assign the transactions to. After transactions uploaded, the account for the transactions show “Imported File Manual Upload” and not the account I chose. I emailed my import file to the Stessa support email account so you review why it did not work for me.

  2. I have one login with Citibank that is for 2 different credit cards. But when I set up the login, only 1 credit card account is linked to automaticly transaction download. How do I set up the other credit card to automatically download transaction?

@devin I’ve tried setting up a dummy account for a property manager who’s portal won’t sync. I see the account in my external accounts list, but when I go to import transactions the account does not show up as an option- I only see my two accounts that are actually syncing as options. Amy I don’t something wrong?