Credit card payment imports, but not the actual transactions

My monthly credit card bill comes across to Stessa, but individual transactions within the bill do not. Is there a way to set up the system so that individual transactions will cross over? Having one large bill per month isn’t that helpful for monitoring and categorizing expenses.

@haasrj It sounds like perhaps you’ve connected the bank account from which you pay your credit card bill, but not the actual credit card account. Have you tried also adding your credit card via your Data Sources page?

Yes the credit card is linked as a separate category from the bank account. But, the only information that comes across to stessa is the monthly payment due. Have I linked it incorrectly? Is there a different process for linking credit cards?

It appears that all of your credit card accounts are set to “Exclude from Stessa,” which is why they are not importing transactions. You’ll need to link these to a Property, Portfolio, or set to “Import & Review” via your Data Sources page in order to see your transactions in Stessa.

This article may help: Managing Data Sources

Thanks Devin. The Chase business Preferred is a credit card that is linked to a property, account ending 4308. Have I linked it incorrectly?


@haasrj I believe so but let’s take this offline and resolve via a 1:1 support conversation if needed.