Improve default amounts on Split feature, percentages?

I wish that when you click to split a transaction, that the full amount of the transaction would be listed for the first entry. Then when a new (split) amount was entered for the first entry that the balance was then carried down to the second entry, and so forth with each additional entry. Having it automatically evenly split the transaction is a nuisance and forces me to often have to use a calculator for the final entry.


I agree. I do not 50/50 split my transactions since they are based on unit square feet for my duplexes. A way to tell the program for example… to split 60% to unit A and 40% to unit B would be such a time saver

@jen You can already do this! Just type “60%” instead of a dollar amount in the Split window. Then press the Tab or Enter key and we’ll do the math for you.

Also, you should never have to do math for the final entry. If all other amounts are correct, just zero out the final entry and you’ll see the remaining balance in red text near the “Save” button. Type that amount into the final transaction and you’re done!