iOS app: Add receipts directly from external services

Currently in the app you can only take a picture of receipts. I wish we could browse for the file in google drive, Dropbox etc.

We’ve added this option in the next version of the iOS app (version 1.4.7), so please stay tuned! You’ll be able to browse your files using your Google Drive or Dropbox app, and from there you can “export” any file to Stessa.

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Awesome! Can’t wait!

We released the update earlier this week. Let us know if you have any feedback!

I’m glad it’s now an option but I still won’t use the app. I want to directly add documents from other sources (google drive/ Dropbox) to the transaction. When categorizing transaction I still can only choose or take a photo. So even if I upload the receipts into stessa docs I can’t attach them to the transaction. To make this feature useful it needs to be accessible from the transaction screen.

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it!

I wanted to ask a quick question about your process: are you creating new transactions on the app, or are you adding receipts to transactions that were already imported from your bank account?

If you are creating new transactions on the app: instead, try starting from your Google Drive or Dropbox app, and export the receipt to Stessa. Once you return to Stessa, you’ll see a new transaction will already be created and waiting for you. The receipt will be attached, and our system should have attempted to read the payee name, dollar amount, date, and category. As always, if any of those fields are wrong, you can correct them with the app.

However, if you are already importing transactions from your bank account and you are just trying to add the receipt images to them, then I understand this feature doesn’t quite work for your process. If that’s the case, please let me know and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Thanks again and happy holidays,

Walter, thanks for the response. I am doing #2 and adding receipts to transactions pulled from my bank account.

I have sent receipts to stessa but I felt that it was duplicating items and I had to merge or delete them. If there was a way they could link and combine easily that would be great. No lose the bank import data and attach a receipt automatically would be best. Thanks again for your help!

I wanted you to know the team has taken your feedback and has been hard at work on further improvements to the iOS app, including the ability to add receipts to transactions from other apps. Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned!

That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see the changes!

If you haven’t already, upgrade to version 1.4.8. Open any transaction on Stessa (including those that were imported from your bank), and when adding an attachment there should be an option to browse for files from other apps. Let us know how it goes!

Love it! You have no idea how much better this is. I used to have to do this from my phone on safari and it would zoom in automatically when I selected a category for the transaction like rental income or capital expense etc which made it impossible to select a sub category, but I dealt with it so I could attach the doc to the transaction. This is so smooth and easy. Love it. I now feel like the app is fully functional! Thanks for listening and making changes!

Great to hear it! We’re also working on making improvements to our site so it works better on Safari Mobile (we know the weird zooming can be painful!), but indeed the app is the way to go when working on transactions. Please keep sharing suggestions with the community!