Receipt "Wallet/Holding Tank" for attaching to transactions

It would be nice to be able to attach a receipt to an existing expense from the app without having to wait for the expense to clear and then go and find the receipt whereever it is laying around the house or dig it out of my wallet.

Nexonia has a feature where you can take pictures of receipts as they are obtained at the point of sale and then later attach them to individual expenses in the app.

The issue right/pain point now is that I use my credit card to pay for everything related to our properties. If I want to attach a picture of a receipt, I have to wait for the transaction to clear in stessa and then find the receipt and remember to upload/take a picture of it and attach it to the cleared transaction.

If I take a picture at the time of sale and upload it to stessa in its current form, I now have duplicate transactions :frowning:

If there was a way to allow for users to take pictures as they obtain receipts and then later attach them to individual transactions (if they wanted) this could be a useful feature that would save users a lot of potential headaches and time.


I came to the wishlist looking for this exact thing. Hoping that this is something that is developed soon.

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Ditto. Just getting used to Stessa and was wondering how I upload my receipts without creating duplicate transactions.

@buffalobrookproperti - make sure to heart the original post to get it a little more attention! Though seems like we’re the only three asking about this?

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