Moving notes/documents to transactions

I have a file that was previously uploaded into the “Documents” section. I want to copy, transfer, or attach this note to a transaction. Is there any way to do this other than uploading the file a second time?

@brw917 Documents and receipts are treated as different types of files/uploads within Stessa. Documents cannot be associated with specific transactions, but you can of course upload any document to the “receipt” box on any transaction. So, yes, you’d need to upload it a second time to attach it to an income or expense line item via your Transactions page. Hope that helps!

When you email to, where does it go? I looked in the documents folder but cannot find it. Would be nice to be able to browse in the documents for a receipt to upload directly from there. Thx.

@toddasilver Receipts emailed to end up on the Transactions page, while anything sent to end up on your Documents page. Hope that clears things up!