Scan receipts with the iOS and Android apps

Receipt scanning and automatic transaction creation are now fully supported on both the iOS and Android apps. Just tap the big green “+” button on your Transactions page and then choose “Scan Receipts” to launch the receipt scanner. Stessa will then parse the receipt data and create a new transaction automatically with as many data fields as possible filled in.

Get the mobile app today to enjoy the full Stessa experience…

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This is fantastic!
Will Stessa link a scanned receipt with its matching bank account transaction once it is downloaded from the bank?

@jeffreygammon Yes, scanned receipts will be attached to existing transactions whenever a perfect match is already present. The best practice is to scan the receipt after the bank or credit card transaction has already been imported to Stessa, but the reverse scenario also should not result in dupes.

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I have tried to scan in a receipt but it duplicated a transaction. If it doesn’t merge automatically, how can I link it or merge them?

@laurenmggomez Good question. If the system doesn’t automatically recognize the matching transaction, you can easily merge the two entries, but you’ll need to do it with the regular Stessa web app (not mobile). Just go to your Transactions page, click the checkboxes at far left for both transactions, then click the blue “Merge” button that will appear towards the upper right corner of your screen. Hope that helps!