More categories specifically for short term rentals

Would love to have either the ability to create custom categories or at least have categories added more specifically for short term renting (home supplies, welcome gifts, etc)


I would also add home furnishings or simply a Misc. Expense category as a “catch all” for all things that would be neither capitalized nor a repair.

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Also need a Misc Income and a Other Deposits categories.

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YES to all of the above!

I am also struggling to find where to put many household purchases.
There needs to be a “General Purchases” for items such as home decor, used furniture and small kitchen items that don’t need to go under “Capital Gains”. I sent a message and the suggestion was to use “Soaps, Linens and other Consumables.” These items are none of those things.
I love this program, but it could be more user-friendly when it comes to categories.
I also saw a post asking for being able to delete un-neccesary categories. I would love to delete so I could only show the ones I use.

We all need to heart each other’s comments to hopefully get their attention!

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Need a category for guest amenities and treats too. E.g. box of chocolate, bottle of wine, etc.

There is. Admin and Other > Gifts

These are not gifts! They are amenities. Can’t be accounted for as gifts!!! Nor is repair and maintenance as Stessa helpdesk told me.