More Rent Income Categories

Would it be possible to add more Rent Income Categories such as:

  1. Tenant Payment
  2. S-8 payment - Agency A
  3. S-8 Payment - Agency B
  4. Other Assistance - Agency A
  5. Other Assistance - Agency B
  6. Other Assistance - Agency C
    This is because, all these agencies send 1099’s at the end of the and it becomes very difficult to reconcile them. We have tenants who get help from multiple agencies, such as S-8 City, S-8 State, City welfare, State Welfare, State COVID assistance, State Fuel Assistance etc., etc.,

Its not a bad idea and could help a lot of people. I won’t need it now since each of my condos have their own LLC’s and bank accounts and all my tenants auto-pay without any gov’t assistance.