New customer, can I import my transactions?

I’ve been using a competitor for awhile and have a massive amount of payment history over there that id love to import if possible? If not how can I add a 5 year old contract that has 60 rental payments without adding them 1 by 1 ?


@david.roppolo We support data file imports in a few different formats. CSV is probably your best bet for data that sources from other accounting platforms (or anything other than a bank, lender, or credit card account). Here are the options and next steps:

@devin, How do I import the Mortgage data from the lender? Same way as Bank data via a CSV?

Now after I import, do I categorize them as transfer, as I have the same total amount paid from my Chase Checking account. That transaction is showing up as Mortgage payment in my transactions as it is auto imported from my linked Chase account.

A related question to clarify:

  1. I have Bank account ( mortgage is paid from this) and the Lender account, both are linked and pulling data, Now, should I mark the Bank transaction ( Mortgage pmt paid) as “Transfer” or the Lender transaction ( Mortgage pmt received) as “Transfer”? Ultimately I want to Split the one of them with Principal+Interest+Escrow.