New transfer categories for "balance sheet" tracking

Stessa is a single-entry accounting platform, so proper balance sheet tracking isn’t available. That said, I use Transfers to help aggregate transactions so I can manually prepare a balance sheet in Excel. A couple extra categories would be useful for those of us who try to fit a square peg into a round hole with transfers…

  1. Inter-Company Due To/From (or Portfolio/Property Due To/From) - Yes, this is only for accrual accounting and most folks only use cash. For those of us who hold assets (properties) in one company and have a separate company as the operating/management company (for asset protection purposes), this would be handy for tracking. I use QuickBooks for the operating company but also leverage a separate portfolio in Stessa to track the transfers with the related income and expense between the two companies. Those get comingled under General Transfers, so it’s difficult to split out. This would also apply to those using a 3rd-party property manager (tracking rent receivable) or for those who maintain separate bank accounts for each property (ensure everything nets out).

  2. Mortgage Payments - Bank feeds with a mortgage company and a bank account will duplicate the monthly mortgage payments. Stessa automatically sets the bank feed transaction to Transfers so it’s not double-counted. Would be great to have a dedicated bucket for those, similar to Credit Card payments.



There needs to be a category of “transfer to another account” under Transfers, eg for transfers from checking to savings acct. not every transaction is an income or expense. Mint and other have it for budgeting.

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