Portfolio-Level Expenses not identifiable

I assigned several expenses as Portfolio level, but when I go to Reporting either in Income Statement or Net Cashflow… I don’t see how to tell which were assigned to Portfolio level. I already read the article about Portfolio-Level expenses but it says I should see a special column, but I don’t.

Basically, I need to see at the end of the year what my total expenses assigned to Portfolio-Level. When I go to the Income or Net Cash Flow reports, the expenses are all mixed in together, so i can’t tell what was assigned specifically to the Portfolio-Level. Currently, I just guess and I know for example Software Subscriptions are mainly Portfolio level, but I don’t know what other ones might have been assigned to Portfolio level throughout the year, other than manually looking through all transactions which defeats the purpose of having this.

Thanks for your help

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Agreed. I recently upgraded to Stessa Pro and put expenses in the “Portfolio level” and now I cannot see the expenses in the IS or NCF reports. Would like to see a response from Stessa on this for clarification.