Quickbooks <> Stessa integration

I use quickbooks for my accounting, I’d love to use this tool, if it was connected to quickbooks.


Agree even if it was an import export functionality. I am happy importing my QBO files into Stessa even one way

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100% Agree. I use quickbooks online for my daily accounting, but really like to specific property ownership/investment functions in Stessa. Please prioritize allowing an import from QBO.

Agreed with all the above, has anyone made any progress on it?

Same here. Just one way from QBO to Stessa is fine

My Accountant is hard core Quickbooks. I prefer Stessa. Any progress on this front?

Exporting your QBO data to Excel and then saving as a CSV file (which can then be imported into Stessa) remains the preferred method: How to export your data from QuickBooks Online Acc...

Also check out: Upload Transactions Data (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV)

Although manually downloading and uploading is good, it would be awesome if there was an API integration between QBO and Stessa to automatically sync data between the two platforms.