Recurring pet fees?

I was trying to enter monthly pet fees for a property. Is there any way to make it recurring, like the rent?

@cwayrnle No, this is not currently supported as a separate line item. You may want to just include the pet fee in the contract rent on your Leases & Tenants page, so that the incoming payments on your Transactions page match up. Does that work?

@devin Doing this method you mention combines your pet rent (or whatever reoccurring fee one may have) with your base rent and makes that number unclear.

Say my base rent is $1000 and I collect a $100 pet rent fee. If I do what you suggest and combine base rent with my pet rent, I’d enter in $1100 on the Leases and Tenants page. The rent transaction with the pet fee is imported, that matches up with the set “rent” amount and all is well.

Then I set the market rent field to $1000 (the actual market rate) and now this indicates that I’m making $100 more than the market rate which really isn’t the case because it is pet rent.

Lastly, let’s say I don’t want to combine those two numbers into one rent figure. Reports such as the SREO that show the Pro Forma with the rent figure will then only show base rent amount without any other reoccurring income, such as pet rent, and now my projected cashflow is off.

Maybe I’m missing something or looking at if from the wrong angle but would love your thoughts.