Need a way to set recurring charges other than rent

Please add an option to set up recurring charges like pet or laundry fees, etc. Right now the only recurring charge is rent.


The problem with not having a feature for recurring pet rent and laundry rent is that it charges them a late fee if you add it all at once for the entirety of the lease and I don’t want to have to go back in every month to make sure I’ve added the charge after they’ve paid rent.

Is this a feature ya’ll are working on?

Also being able to add a recurring late fee in the amount of $20/day after it’s due would be nice instead of a percentage of rent.

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Agreed…recurring charges other than rent would be a huge add.


100% agree! I just moved over from another platform and am struggling because of inability to do this. I charge a flat fee every month that is put toward water/sewer. I now had to add it as part of the monthly rent and it’s causing all of my rent pro-rations to be incorrect.


I’d like to see this as well. I rent a storage unit for all of my rentals for spare parts and appliances. I need a way to track this across all of my rentals. Thanks

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This feature would be so helpful.

Yes! Please add recurring income…and recurring expense!!!

Yes please! This has been my biggest complaint since I started using Stessa.

Yes! Yes! Yes!!! I just went through this and it’s been such a struggle to figure out an alternative. Some are rent payments, others are fee’s that are not necessarily income but a reimb. for services they chose. This option would be very helpful.