Setup reoccurring charges

I think a handy feature would be the ability to setup reoccurring monthly charges.


Absolutely for expenses like HO insurance billed monthly to a credit card, and also for rent !!! It normally doesn’t change for 12-24 months, how about a “monthly” button or Recurring Charge button with a begin and end date to have it already billed out to the end of the lease, it’s a pain to enter the payment every month.


This would be VERY helpful. I have multifamily properties and I bill monthly for utility fee, pet fee, etc. in addition to rent. It would be extremely helpful to be able to set this up as a monthly charge.


This is a big one for me. I have several properties I lease with a Rent To Own contract. It’s not uncommon to charge a rent, then a separate monthly fee as a down payment assistance program. The extra fee goes towards the tenants down payment when they choose to exercise their purchase right.

I want to be able to track this recurring payment, but also have it in a unique category so that when the tenant does purchase the property, I can see how much they paid toward the assistance program.