Rocket Mortgage / Quicken Loans Not Importing Mortgage Payments Correctly for Multiple Properties

I’ve noticed recently that when my data is refreshed into Stessa from Rocket Mortgage every property has the same payment amounts and dates as the first property, instead of pulling the correct amounts for every mortgage. Please fix!


Did you fix this? My links to Rocket Mortgage no longer update payments since January, which is when Rocket changed it’s website.

Any update on this? My rocketmortgage link is also broken, unable to import transactions. Is there a solution to this???

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Still not fixed for me. Same issue:

Rocket Mortgage downloads incorrect data. I have 3 houses with Rocket Mortgage. Stessa thinks it is downloading the mortgage for each of the houses; however, the actual amount is the first home only!

House A Mortgage 2,000
House B Mortgage 1,000
House C Mortgage 1,300

Stessa downloads:
House A 2,000
House B 2,000
House C 2,000

Hope they work on this

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Since Stessa doesn’t seem to care about fixing this bug (or any bugs I’ve run into recently) I’ll share what fixed this for me. I realized I was still connecting through the Quicken Loans connection, so I went through and explicitly added a connection to Rocket Mortgage instead. This was able to pull history back to August 2023, and I’ve now Stopped Importing from my Quicken Loans connection, and hoping that this new Rocket Mortgage connection will work going forward. Hope this helps you folks too!

This did not work for me, as I am still having the same issues using the site.

This is the exact same issue I am having but with five Rocket Mortgages on my Rocket Account.