Bank connections

I wish I could get me bank downloads to work it’s been a problem now for almost two years.


Agree. Stessa penalizes you for going with a local bank.

I agree. I just started and I can’t get any of my banks to link

Rocket Mortgage downloads incorrect data. I have 3 houses with Rocket Mortgage. Stessa thinks it is downloading the mortgage for each of the houses; however, the actual amount is the first home only!

House A Mortgage 2,000
House B Mortgage 1,000
House C Mortgage 1,300

Stessa downloads:
House A 2,000
House B 2,000
House C 2,000

Please put on bug fix list.

woh!There are definitely alot of connection issues that seem to come and go and not be easily fixed .

It’s best to do it by hand. I use the cash management banks and have a separate account for each property. The mortgage is paid out of the respective account. You then, along with your monthly statement, do a three way split on the transaction for Principal, Interest and Escrow. It’s also good to have your amortization tables handy to double check the correct month your applying it to. Also keep your eye out on the statement for insurance or taxes paid out of escrow and enter 2 transactions, one debit transaction categorized to taxes and the other a credit transaction out of the General Escrow category.