Run reports showing mortgage interest

How do you run a report with everything ready for tax prep? just did a mock one and they emailed it to me, however none of the interest that i paid to bank was listed on there. that’s a huge component for taxes

@brandonmikek Mortgage interest is shown on the Net Cash Flow report, but only if you’ve broken out your mortgage payments into separate principal and interest line items. Some bank/lender connections will do this automatically, but it’s a manual process for others.

Here’s how to Split & Categorize Mortgage Payments.

I would think this would also be on the 1098 you receive from the lender, which should be the source-of-truth regardless, for tax purposes.

Your specific question is why I manually split the monthly PITI payments into each, for my records.

If we split out the principal and interest portions of the payments then the interest should appear on the Income Statement as well - it is a valid expense of the property so without it, the Income Statement is not accurate.

Stessa’s Income Statement is designed as a pure reflection of operational performance and should not be used as a tax-ready financial statement. Use the Net Cash Flow report to see all financing activity, including loan proceeds and payoffs, principal, interest, loan escrows, etc.

It’s then up to you (or your CPA) to sort out your unique tax situation and take things over the finish line.