Schedule E report

Having ability to generate a Scedule E Report would simplify Tax Prep Tremendously for Rental Properties.


I agree. I currently use Excel to map Stessa transactions to the box/category for Schedule E. Since all Stessa categories are locked (i.e., these cannot be changed by each individual user) it shouldn’t be difficult to develop a simple table in the Stessa database that would allow users to map Schedule E categories to the respective Stessa category. Ideally, this would be effective-dated (at least by tax year) so that users could change the mapping to align with the Schedule E as reported each year. Finally, since Box 19 is a catch-all (accountants usually publish a separate schedule in the tax filing), the ability to add custom Schedule E sub-categories for Box 19 would be great.



I agree! This would be extremely helpful. As a beginner, I find it confusing to know how to categorize things so it makes sense for tracking as well as the sched e form. It seems like the main categories should match the sched e then subcategories can add the more granular detail for tracking purposes. @greg4, is there any way you could share the mappings you use?


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Absolutely agree! I used other software packages in the past, and they all offered this feature. All the tax preparer (CPA or us) needs is a printout of the Schedule E. I know you have a tax preparation package, but it’s overkill.

It’s 2022 tax time. I was looking at the APP trying to see if the Schedule E wish came true. Looks like we are just still getting an excel sheet?

I’m also arm wrestling with the APP how to add the capital expense of a new acquisition if anyone had success?

Agree! Absolutely needed!

This should be a high priority. This is one feature that is missing that would save lot of my time when doing taxes. all the information is there to generate this. maybe leave out depreciations, but the rest should be easily doable.
At moment i have to extract it into xls and have macro to generate the SCHEDULE E numbers.

Off-topic - are “transfers” and “credit card payments” considered schedule E reportable?

no you dont report credit card payments in schedule e. just the breakdown of expenses like repairs, maintenance,management fees and report those separetely.

yes agreed, but in the schedule E generated by Stessa it does NOT include those categories?

no, i don’t believe stessa has a category to show that you paid credit card company. however, it does show all the itemizations/things you bought with your credit card. You should start a new thread if you want to show credit card company payments. IRS doesnt require that info so its not needed in schedule e.

Please add this feature.

Has there been any updates on whether a schedule E readout can be available as a feature? Seems to have high interest from the community here and would be very beneficial.

very alarming - just noticed this feature available to “pro” members. after looking into this, stessa is now charging for advanced features. may have to start looking for alternative software.

I paid the 192… Ive been usingit or free for two years and it is very user friendly
and cant expect someone to run a platform this extensive for free…


I paid the $192 as well - I was expecting to have a paid version at some point. @tlatuga I am not sure where you would find free software that has the same functionality of stessa but if you do would love know about it.