Schedule E report

Having ability to generate a Scedule E Report would simplify Tax Prep Tremendously for Rental Properties.


I agree. I currently use Excel to map Stessa transactions to the box/category for Schedule E. Since all Stessa categories are locked (i.e., these cannot be changed by each individual user) it shouldn’t be difficult to develop a simple table in the Stessa database that would allow users to map Schedule E categories to the respective Stessa category. Ideally, this would be effective-dated (at least by tax year) so that users could change the mapping to align with the Schedule E as reported each year. Finally, since Box 19 is a catch-all (accountants usually publish a separate schedule in the tax filing), the ability to add custom Schedule E sub-categories for Box 19 would be great.



I agree! This would be extremely helpful. As a beginner, I find it confusing to know how to categorize things so it makes sense for tracking as well as the sched e form. It seems like the main categories should match the sched e then subcategories can add the more granular detail for tracking purposes. @greg4, is there any way you could share the mappings you use?


Absolutely agree! I used other software packages in the past, and they all offered this feature. All the tax preparer (CPA or us) needs is a printout of the Schedule E. I know you have a tax preparation package, but it’s overkill.

It’s 2022 tax time. I was looking at the APP trying to see if the Schedule E wish came true. Looks like we are just still getting an excel sheet?

I’m also arm wrestling with the APP how to add the capital expense of a new acquisition if anyone had success?