Sch E categories

It would be so easy to get an accurate Schedule E if we had the exact categories from Schedule E to choose when categorizing an expense. Is that asking too much?

Trying to categorize them so that they will hit the appropriate category is a pain, and results in me inaccurately classifying expenses. For example, in order to get toilet paper for my STR which fits squarely in the “Supplies” of a Schedule E, I have to classify it as an “Admin & Other - Office Supplies & Postage” to get it to feed through to “Supplies” on Sch E. Putting it as a “Repairs & Maint - Linens, Soaps, & Other Consumables” (the only logical place I can currently find), classifies it as “Cleaning & Maintenance” on Sch E - which is wrong.


ABSOLUTELY!! thank you, also have not found a way to classify as depreciation… that should be basic

Has there been any progress on this @stessa?

any update on this? trying to figure this out too.

any updates on this?? this should have been an ABSOLUTE BASIC requirement and not having it is embarrassing for a subscription service that takes money.

almost all members here file a schedule E.

I totally agree. I am new to Stessa and I noticed this as a problem in the first 15 minutes of using the application. It is very confusing trying to figure out how to get things in the proper Schedule E categories. You have my vote for this one. Can I throw in 4 or 5 votes?

Has anyone from Stessa responded?

Not to me. They just don’t care. They just take our money and dare us to use QuickBooks. And I’m about to take the dare.

They could add Schedule E categories in minutes…

Don’t hold your breath…