Sch E categories

It would be so easy to get an accurate Schedule E if we had the exact categories from Schedule E to choose when categorizing an expense. Is that asking too much?

Trying to categorize them so that they will hit the appropriate category is a pain, and results in me inaccurately classifying expenses. For example, in order to get toilet paper for my STR which fits squarely in the “Supplies” of a Schedule E, I have to classify it as an “Admin & Other - Office Supplies & Postage” to get it to feed through to “Supplies” on Sch E. Putting it as a “Repairs & Maint - Linens, Soaps, & Other Consumables” (the only logical place I can currently find), classifies it as “Cleaning & Maintenance” on Sch E - which is wrong.


ABSOLUTELY!! thank you, also have not found a way to classify as depreciation… that should be basic

Has there been any progress on this @stessa?

any update on this? trying to figure this out too.

any updates on this?? this should have been an ABSOLUTE BASIC requirement and not having it is embarrassing for a subscription service that takes money.

almost all members here file a schedule E.