IRS categories alignment

What could be a better way to align the categories available in Stessa as per Categories provided by IRS for Rental Management? Is it possible to have the categories aligned as per listed in IRS?

I meant ultimately all this information is needed for Tax purposes before it can be leveraged for personnel benefits analysis.

Thanks, SG


Thanks for the suggestion regarding income and expense categories. A few comments:

  • While Stessa’s categories are loosely aligned with Schedule E line items, we also prioritize operational reporting, which benefits from a slightly different set of categories
  • Not all investors file Schedule E and different IRS forms have different categories
  • Stessa is not “tax prep” software and we highly recommend engaging the services of a qualified CPA to prepare and file your taxes

Hope that helps and feel free to use the Wishlist to offer specific ideas for new features and improvements.

@devin This makes sense, but a report with categories that match Schedule E would be the glue/interface between your operational software and your tax prep software. (As a new user I have to say that I’m kind of shocked that type of report generation isn’t already available, given how Stessa is marketed.) Is this the best wishlist issue to upvote for that?