Security deposit inconsistent - Charge for some tenants and Payment for other

I’m new to Stessa… tracking rent for a 3 family property. The security deposits are somehow reflected differently for two tenants, causing Stessa to say they are behind, when they are current.
Same problem as here:

For all tenants, I entered the deposit as “Money In”, under the category “Security Deposits”, and specific to the unit/tenant.

However, on the page that summarizes the tenant’s history, the Security Deposits are treated differently.

For the two tenants, it is under the “Charge” column.
For one tenant, it’s under the “Payment” tab column.
They are entered identically on the transactions page, as stated above

The only difference I can think of is that the one unit was a split (one deposit was received for both rent and security – and I split it)


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