Security deposit shows as charge for some tenants and payment for others

Security deposit listed as Charge for some tenants and Payment for others

I need help figuring out why security deposits are listed differently on the “Leases & Tenants” page - despite the fact that I followed the exact same process entering the deposits: “Money In”, under category “Security Deposits”, specific to the unit/tenant.

Same problem as here:

I followed the instructions in the reply.

I can’t see how to open a 1:1 support conversation

When you log in to Stessa on the web, you should see a blue circle at lower right. Click the circle and then click “Send us a message” to open a 1:1 support conversation.

Security deposit charges on the Leases & Tenants page ledger are generated from the Security Deposit field on that same page. Security deposit payments, on the other hand, are sourced from the Transactions page. To the extent you have a mismatch, you may need to add the original security deposit payment as a
“Money In” line item on the Transactions page and then also assign it to the correct Property, Unit, and Tenancy.