Send from Stessa cash account toexternal via ACH

in link CashManagement it says Deposit Method : Direct payment/ACH debit
as an option but I dont see how to do that. I am not interested in a linked bank account, just want to send via ACH. Is that possible? Thanks, Jim


Yes, but you would have to do it from your bank. I’ve connected a Stessa cash management account in my bank’s online portal using the account number and routing number (click the eye icon) and then sent money via ACH to Stessa.

I assume your limits still apply, so don’t send more than those, or it’ll likely be rejected. It also took 5 business days for the transfer but YMMV

Is there a way to do this for outbound ACH transfers? IE send money out of Stessa CM to another bank account without linking the accounts w/ login info?

From what I can tell you could connect the ACH on the outside account or you could send a Wire transfer from Stessa ($5)