Share just one Property or Portfolio with a partner / investor

I have 4 property in my account. one of the property I have a partner, how can I just let him see that property instead of let him see all of my property.


@bikemike123 Sure. You’ll want to put the one property you own with a partner into a separate Portfolio. Then use the collaborator tools to invite your partner into the new Portfolio only.

Here’s how:
Add / Delete Properties & Manage Portfolios
The Power of Portfolio Collaborators

Is there a way to identify the % ownership in a partner sort of situation, and have the financial reports reflect each partner’s portion of the property?

For Instance, I am working on a deal with a partner, but I want my dashboard to show the data for the properties that I own on my own, as well as my portion of the partnership.

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Yes, you’ll want to put the shared Property into its own Portfolio, and then set your ownership percentages as needed. Note that ownership percentages are reflected on the Dashboard, but do not carry through to the Reports page. All reports are shown at 100% allocations for the Property and/or Portfolio.

Also see Configuring Less Than 100% Ownership and The Power of Portfolio Collaborators.

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