Unable to connect bank account

I have a persistent “fix it” error for connecting to my bank account and I have been unable to get a reply from Stessa Customer Service via email or message for the past 3 days. When I try to login to the bank account, I get “we are experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later”. When I view the bank in the Settings page, I get “Site Blocked - Your bank or lender’s site is being blocked for unknown reasons. Please try again in 24 hours.”

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This exact scenario is happening to me now…Have you been able to “fix it” and if so, please share!!!

It happened to me too. I was just able to reconnect with [fix it] and my transactions populated.

I think mine is actually working now!!! One thing my bank tech support had me try was to clear the search history on my browser. I think I that was part of the issue.