Unable to link financial accounts, nothing happens after typing bank name

I typed in the bank name, nothing happened. No button to click, I tried hitting the enter key, nothing. Tried in Firefox, the menu selection popped down to select my bank. I selected it and the cursor spun, then nothing happened. Tried in several browsers, would not give any info.

@jennifer_sd It appears our secure banking provider, Yodlee/Envestnet, was down for maintenance for a few minutes this evening. Everything should be back up and running now so please give it another try!

Received an email from another rental application that they are going to support the integration with Capital One in June 2021. Obviously Capital One has more strict policy to release customer account information through integration. Finally they come to an agreement on it. Hopefully Stessa or Yodlee/Envestnet can resolve the same issue with Capital One soon.

I can select my Bank Name but keeps giving me an error. I called my bank and they said it was nothing on their end. Any suggestions on how to get this working? I had them connected once before but currently it will not link and work.