Useful life tracker w/ contractor & product recommendations

It would be nice to track the age of appliances and cap x expenditures.

Example: Property XYZ’s roof is 5 years old and it costs about $12,000 to replace the roof. The average lifetime (this could be a number pulled off the internet based on area) is 20 years. Stessa could now make a recommendation to save an additional 67$ a month to cover this expense 15 years in the future.

How would Stessa monetize this idea? Stessa could team up with local contractors and have them put their information on the website for Stessa Users

Key: If you expanded this idea to cover the age of the roofs, hot water tanks, HVAC, Air conditioners, driveways, appliances on a per property basis it could help the users of Stessa track and prepare for costs. Stessa could make product recommendations to its users through links and or contractors on the website.


This is a great idea, I currently use a spreadsheet to track this but it would be awesome to be able to track in Stessa in a CapEx section.

Maybe when you categorize an expense you could add a useful life of the roof and a projected replacement cost (inflation adjusted) at the end of the useful life.

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This would be something a lot of your competitors do not have or offer.