What are the projects that Stessa is working on?

Having a way to see what Stessa is working on would be helpful to us, users.

The simplest way would be to comment on the related post and tag it with “in development” or “under repair.” Once tagged, the post could populate automatically to an “in development” or “under repair” page, where we can see estimated go live or fix date, or percent completion.

The biggest complaint I see on all of the forums are “lack of acknowledgement” or “lack of updates” - at the end of the day it boils down to communication - and we’d like to have more of it.


Agreed. Would love to see a roadmap of upcoming updates.

I see no sign that there is any development occuring at all. Perhaps there is, and they’re just not good at communicating??? Are there any release notes published? Any “new feature” updates?