Where do emailed receipts show up in Stessa?

I use some other services that allow emailing receipts. No need to print and scan.

This would be something like expense@stessa.com, and would automatically associate to my account, since it came from my account email address.

More companies are going completely electronic and the receipt is not formatted to be printed.

Would not care if it was not auto-recognized, as long as I did not have to take weird screen shots in order to store my receipts. Or am not in a place where I am able to print. Much easier to capture receipts at the moment.

Thanks in advance. Stessa rocks!

@greg_kissell Yes, this is already supported! Just send your receipts to receipts@stessa.com for automatic processing.

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Where do the receipts go? In the Documents folder?

Receipts are parsed automatically and a new transaction is created on your Transactions page once the system has verified that no matching transaction already exists. If a match is found, Stessa simply attaches the image of the receipt to the existing line item for reference.