Add a primary home / personal residence?

Is there a way to add a primary residence house onto this platform? This way we can know the market value of all of our real estate holdings.

I have added the primary residence as separate portfolio. Essential there are two portfolios, one that has all investment properties listed and the other as principal portfolio.

Since my basement is rented in my principal portfolio, I have split that property into two units, unit 1 which I live in is marked as vacant and the basement that is rented is marked as unit 2 where I generate rental income.

You’re more than welcome to add/track your primary home on Stessa and yes, best practice is to set it up under a separate portfolio. This will keep your primary home info separate from your investment performance metrics, reporting, etc.

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I did set that up under a separate portfolio. However, is there a way for me to print out ALL PROPERTIES for Schedule of Real Estate Owned that excludes this primary home?