Automatic backup (daily/weekly/monthly) of Stessa account

One of my main concerns around using Stessa as my main source of truth is the event of a corrupt disk, loss of data, breach, etc. To somewhat work-around this, I run monthly exports of the tax package and download the generated files in the email. However, I would love to see an automatic backup feature that uploads the tax package, documents I upload, and any other information about my account. This backup could occur to a Google Drive, my own S3 bucket, etc (I believe the output location specification matters less).


I agree with Daniel on this topic. Recently I sync Propertyware with Stessa and in the process many of the records in my properties were affected. Rents disappeared, records were added in other portfolios that have nothing to do with propertyware portfolios.
Any accounting system should have some way of doing a back up.