Backup entire data including documents

I have many rental properties and I use Stessa as single source of truth for income tracking and tax prep purposes. Many hours have been spent to uploading the receipts and making the data as accurate as possible. I was wondering if there is a way to backup and export the entire account data including documents as a local copy in case unexpected data loss happened on the Stessa side. I trust Stessa is already backing up data but I can only sleep well at night when I have a copy.

The “tax package” export is good. It would be better if there was an option to export the entire data including documents organized in each property’s folder by month-year. One step further, implementing a one-button backup/export and one-button import/restore the entire account would be golden.


I agree 100%. I added a wishlist item for backups a while back: Automatic backup (daily/weekly/monthly) of Stessa account.

Hopefully, it will be implemented soon!

Totally agree - can we get this implemented prior to the 2020 Tax due date? Really need a documents backup and file tree structure.