Download receipts in bulk via the Tax Package report

From the Transactions page, I can download all of my transactions into a .csv file. How do I download the attached receipts? I see that I can download them individually but I’m looking for a bulk option.

Thank you

@jfrank Sure. Bulk receipt download is available via the Tax Package report. Once you run the report, you’ll receive an email with links to various resources, including a ZIP file with all receipt attachments. Hope that helps!

When i use the Tax Package report, the links sent to me via email take me to the Stessa home page as opposed to providing the downloadable reports. Any idea why this might be? Is there an alternative to get the bulk receipt download since this approach isn’t working? Appreciate the support!

@mtulland Yes, we’re aware of a current issue with these links and are working on a fix now. I’ll post an update once resolved.

Just to close the loop on this thread, this bug was successfully resolved back in April. Please post a follow-up here if anyone is still experiencing this issue.

When I generate the tax package, the PDFs sent to me do not have any data.