BECU Business Accounts


BECU recently switched all of their business banking accounts to a new platform. I’m having trouble connecting my Stessa to my business accounts. Could this be an issue with their new platform change? Stessa only has not as a recognized online website.

I’ve checked my passwords and it still doesn’t work so I assume this is the reason.

I’ve been having the same problem, the vendor that Stessa uses has added to their options but it generates an “Unknown Error” when a connection is attempted. Have you been able to successfully link your BECU accounts? Did you run into this error? If so, how did it get resolved?

I just saw they added it which is a good sign. Tried to login in but it said something went wrong and to try again…hopefully they work out the bugs soon or I need to find a new system.

I reached out to BECU and Stessa outlining the problem, I’m assuming you received this message “Unexpected Error - Your bank or lender returned an unknown error. Please try again in 24 hours”. Maybe if more of us reach out they will look into the issue.

BECU can be reached at I reached out to Stessa through their help chat app. They said they’re looking into it through their vendor yodel/envestnet

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My two cents: The new BECU Business Banking platform has many issues. Connectivity is but one. Don’t hold your breath, I have gotten no usable response from BECU on any issues.

Out of desperation, I have begun the search for a new business banking solution. YMMV

I am open to suggestions if anybody has them or finds other solutions.

Been working with tech support and after they updated the BECU Business url it finally connected!

Don’t make the mistake I just did and delete the old logins as it erased all my transaction history! :man_facepalming:t2: