Can't connect two mortgages serviced by Lakeview/MyLoanCare

Hello - please note that I was able to connect one mortgage (M&T Bank) with no problem.

I have two different mortgage loans serviced by Lakeview, sub-serviced by LoanCare.

When I try to connect, I get a message saying “Action Required at the Lakeview site,” and when I click the “Go To Site” button I get a server error message.

One issue could be that Lakeview site requires 2-factor identification.

Another issue could be that I have 2 loans serviced under the same account. I don’t know if Stessa can parse them out by address or loan number.

Or the problem could be something else entirely.

Hoping you can help?


Please open a 1:1 support conversation for bank-specific connection issues/errors. We’ll investigate, loop in Yodlee as required, and then get back to you with next steps.