Cash Management Bug: Account #/Routing# Unmask Button Not Working (Fixed)

11/15/23 Update: Looks like this functionality was restored.

Original Post:
I’m trying to get my routing number and full account number for my cash management accounts. On the Cash Management page, I press the eye icon which historically has unmasked the detailed account info but that function no longer works. Tried in chrome and safari. Anyone else experiencing the same?

@brianpalmer123 I upgraded my cash management account per Stessa requirement - just mentioning in case it matters. My unmask button appears to be a black box that hovers over the eye. The XXXX-### text on the white original page does not change. Within the black hovering box is all of my bank details with the ability to copy each field. Using chrome and have pop-up blockers disabled. Hope that helps.


Thank you but I chatted with stessa support a few days ago, they were able to confirm the bug and fix it quickly, all set now.