Connection to Flagstar Mortgage with multiple mortgages

I am trying to set up my connection to Flagstar Mortgage, but after setup, I only get one of my four mortgages. Is there a way to get it to see all my mortgages (similar to how banking shows all accounts)?

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@david15 definitely not my area of expertise. When you log in to Flagstar, do you see all mortgages under the same login credentials? Is it possible that Flagstar is not actually the servicer for all of the loans in question? Any recent changes, such as recently transferred from or to Flagstar and things need time to update?

Stessa’s help article on connecting mortgage lenders poorly addresses this but acknowledges it is a possibility.

"Still Having Trouble Linking an Account?
Sometimes valid credentials will nonetheless return a result of “0” accounts. Other times, the data connection might show some, but not all, of the accounts you have with a particular financial institution. The reasons for this vary and we’ll probably need to investigate your particular situation to figure out the best way forward.

Click on the blue circle in the lower right corner of the screen to drop us a quick note. We’ll get back to you shortly with next steps."

My personal opinion, connecting the mortgage account is more trouble than it is worth. I’d rather connect the bank account to monitor payments and manually update loan details as needed.


Thomas, Thank you for your response.
I think you are right about connecting to mortgage companies. Flagstar does show me all mortgages on their website, but when setting up Stessa for the connection, it only shows the first mortgage. It does however, retrieve the transactions.
I tried connecting another mortgage company (NewRez), which connects normally (showing all mortgages), but it retrieves no transactions.
Making this what appears to be, ‘Good in theory, poor in practice’.

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David VerHage