Does my new LLC need its own STESSA account?

I have a STESSA account for a property I own personally. Do I need to create a separate STESSA account for my newly formed LLC? I assume I need a separate cash management account at the very least.

Hi - This will depend on the Membership Tier that you have. Pro will allow you to have several Portfolios so you would be able to create a new Portfolio that would allow you to rename it “New LLC” and all properties under this LLC can be listed here. You can also add another Cash Management account so that it can be used for that Portfolio or a select Property!

Please send in a support ticket if you’re needing additional support.

–Andrew from Stessa Support

I manage mine through one stessa account, and have multiple cash management accounts.

I have a set of accounts for PERSONALLY owned properties, and a separate set of accounts for the LLC properties.