External Account sync delayed up to 96 hours

As per my understanding, Stessa syncs up from external bank accounts and pulls in every 48 hours. I noticed the sync is pending from last 96 hours. Can you please check?


My external account sync has also been pending for 4 days. It says “Still syncing, check back in a few minutes.” The options to edit or refresh are greyed out and unavailable to force a manual sync. Thanks.


I have the same issue, and it seems persistent across both the bank and mortgage accounts. I submitted a request for the team to take a look. Hope they are enjoying a good holiday break and can answer when they return!

Thanks for inputs, how do we submit a request to the Team? Can you please tag me there?

Same here. Stuck for almost a week or so.

Has anyone had any luck getting their transaction history to update? I ran sync on all accounts, but transaction history hasn’t updated since June 28th

There are various reasons that a particular bank or lender connection might appear to be stuck or delayed. A few major banks transitioned to a new “Open Banking” platform earlier this summer, which led to some migration challenges. Most have now been resolved, so please open a 1:1 support conversation if you are still experiencing latency issues on a regular basis.