FR: Duplicates Filter & more value add

I see a few posts about duplicate transactions. It would be nice if Stessa had a filter to help identify potentially duplicative transactions based upon a set of conditional rules.

Ex: 2 of 3 items match:

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Notes / Name (some kind of special rules should apply to avoid flagging normal month over month transactions)

Additionally, a related filter could help to identify month over month transactions which have a gap, with nearly identical names excluding name portions which are likely transactional, and some kind of fuzzy matching on similar range dollar transactions and dates tending to land at the same time of the month.

Once we go down this road and the back end filtering logic (rule + rule + rule: and, or, not, if then, paren, etc.) is built, there are a huge variety of potential uses to both you and customers.

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100% agree. This is definitely needed.