HELP: I can't connect. How do you open a support ticket?

My bank was working well with Stessa but since June 1, the connection no longer works. How do I open a support ticket?

Go to Support in bottom left, then click on the other options besides the forums (so click on either articles or videos). Then look for the round button with a chat bubble icon in the bottom right corner.

@devin Seems like this is kinda buried, and not sure why it’s not easier to find, unless I’m just missing something obvious.

Yeah I was able to open a ticket but I still haven’t gotten any answers. What do I have to do to connect to my first source bank account? It worked perfectly for 6 months and now suddenly stopped working.

Yes, bank connection issues are best resolved via a 1:1 support conversation. Use the blue circle at lower right on the web platform or the “Support & Help” menu option on the mobile apps. For security reasons, please do not discuss specific banking issues on the public forums.